Thursday, March 20, 2014

Session #17 Ticket Out Responses

What are you curious about?

1. Are there other opportunities similar to Peace Corp?
2. Amount of time a peace corp must stay in an assignment before going home?
  • Peace Corps service is 27 months.  Volunteers may visit home after serving for 6 months.
3.Peace Corp
4.Where Peace Corp work after service?
  • RPCVs work in all sectors.  This link might be helpful.
5.How our guest speaker time in the peace corp affected the choice of path they took career wise afterword?
  • Our guest speaker would be happy to speak to students about this in person!
6.How many successful peace corps volunteer enter with almost no language experience at all
  • The three months of pre-service language training, while living with a host family, equips most volunteers with intermediate language proficiency (which continues to improve throughout the two years of service).
7.Grad option relating to Ag and Global development
  • Talk to your instructors
8.Is there any short term project that we can involve in Peace Corp (less than 2 years)
  • There is a program called Peace Corps Response, but this is only open to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers or to those who have at least 10 years of relevant work experience.

What did you learn?
1. Much better understanding of the peace corp program
2.Flexibility and cultural sensitivity are the most important skills to have
3.About the Peace Corp
4.People of all ages,life situations, etc serve in the peace corp
5." You don't need much to teach''
6.The peace corp is very competitive program
7.Peace corp are only allowed in stable countries and countries who requested for peace corp
8.The mission of the peace corp
9.Average age of peace corp volunteer age is 28 years old
10. One in three applicant become volunteer
11.A lot opportunities for agriculture majors
12.Benefit within the organization and the influence of volunteers
13. Information to join peace corp and a recruiting center at Penn State 
14.Amazing peace corp opportunities

What do you want to learn more about?

1.Peace Corp success stories
2.How a country is determined to be stable
  •  Social , economic and political. This link might provide more explanations
3.Application process for countries to get peace corp volunteer
  • This link provide some information on countries involve with Peace Corp.
4.Peace corp projects
  •  Peace Corp Passport Blog
5. Living arrangement for peace corp volunteers
  • All volunteers live with host families during pre-service training.  During their two years of service, some volunteers live with host families and some live on their own (it varies country to country). Check out this link for some photos.  Also, many volunteers have posted Youtube videos of their housing under 'Peace Corps cribs'.

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