Saturday, April 19, 2014

Class Tuesday, 4/22

Reminder: on Tuesday we will be meeting at the Krause Innovation Studio and then walking together to room 315 in the Patee Library.  If you're running late, just come find us in the library.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Session #26 Ticket Out Responses

What are you curious about?

1. How are we recording our this i believe podcast
  • PSU Library Media Common-Audio Recording  (Suggested)
  • 109 ASI (Suggested)
  • or you can use you own devise (phone,or computer) to record you audio. However  make sure the location should be free of external distractions and relatively quiet-Podcast Audio Recording Tips
2.  How can we filter salt water to make it drinkable
What did you learn?

1.Sometimes asking a question or giving a child a problem to figure out and then leaving them figure out own to be creative ca help increasing learning, rather than just lecture

What do you want to learn more about?

1. Solar computer labs and access for children in developing countries
  • Solar computer lab in India 

2. Educational innovations that have failed to take off

Session #25 Ticket Out Responses

What are you curious about?
1.Other types of innovation that dose not follow Roger's
  • Bring this question to class session #26
2.Where will agriculture development go in China
  • The Role of Agriculture in China Development-Article
3.Our indigenous knowledge topic and what we will find at the library?
  • We will find out -Class session #27

What did you learn?

1. How many different speakers to learn about and that have came into our class

2.Sometimes even the theories/model that we think may explain certain aspect of innovation, etc have faults or certain times they don't work

3.The scale and impact of different agriculture extension programs

4.The ways in which the diversity of programs benefit others as well as ourselves

5.About how modernization effects different countries development

What do you want to learn more about?

1. What are the different type of innovation

  • 10 Type of Innovation (Book) by Larry Keeley, Ryan Pikkel Brain Quinn, Halen Walter 

2. More about Dr. Melanie's thesis research
  • Find out from Dr. Melanie

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Videos for Thursday

These are really fun and inspiring!

Sugata Mitra's School in the Cloud

Khan Academy

Please share any other resources that you feel are relevant.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Session #24 Ticket Out Responses

What are you curious about?
1. Dr. Martin Mulder
2. Agriculture Education in Europe
  • This is some web to check about agriculture education in Europe

3.Collaboration of Business and agriculture extension
  • We will bring this to class as lingering question

4. Dr. Martin Mulder works in Indonesia?
  • Improvement of training in Agriculture – Indonesia
5.Indigenous Knowledge in the Netherlands 
  • Session # 26
6.Learning more about Dayak people

What did you learn?
1.Indigenous Knowledge
2. That women in some culture use neck rings to elongate their neck
3.There are Ethiopian Nomads who are facing land-grabbing and water security issues
4.UNESCO-UNEVOC is a specialize center for technical and vocational education and training
5.European agriculture education
6.That youth in agriculture prevalent as I thught
7. Definition of Indigenous knowledge
8.Indigenous knowledge can even be something that people know from living in a certain area (example; where to eat breakfast in state college.

What do you want to learn more?
1. Is the FFA organization active in the Europe?
  • We will bring this to class as lingering question
2. The Netherlands

Coming up next week

You'll notice that on the syllabus for next Tuesday (Session 25) it says "Readings TBD".  In ANGEL you'll find that there are links to a video and to a reading that I'd like you to look over for Tuesday's class.

We're going to have a really fun session on next Thursday (Session 26), but be sure to check out the two video links posted to ANGEL.  Hopefully you find these videos fun and inspiring!

Both classes next week will be "tech days" so bring something to plug in to the Media-scape. If you haven't given your global plan presentation, be prepared to do so on either of these days.

Just a heads up, we will meet in the library for Session 27 with our guest speaker, Audrey Maretzki in order to learn more about the indigenous knowledge issues you identified in the last class.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Session #22 Ticket Out Responses

What are you curious about?

1.Would ECHO be interested in partnering with Agripreneurs of Haiti?
2.What is the different between International Ag and International Horticulture?
3.Technologies use at the resource center for seed saving?
  •  More information -check this link

4.How well have small farm resource centers worked in various situations?
  • Stories of different project around the world-ECHO Blog
  • Refer reading assign for session #22-MEAS
5.The diverse environment in India and the variety of crops they can grow
  • Agriculture in India-Check this link
6.Extension program in India
  •  Refer readings assign by guest speaker for session #22

What did you learn?
1. Different approaches to teach in developing nations
2. Farmers use same seeds repetitively
3.Agriculture extension in poor areas
4.The importance of leaders role in getting people to adapt new ideas
5.About India and SFRC model
6.USAID project limitation: Time & Relationship
7.Pro & Cons of the Green Revolution in India
8.The brilliant idea of the resource center
9. The SFRC extension model focuses on the local farmers and teaching through on and off center demonstration and building relationship in the community

What do you want to learn more about?

1.Female farmers and extension program for women farmers in India
  •   Article 1: MEAS Case Study in India-link
  •  Article 2: Improving women farmers' access to extension services- Link
2. How to get involve in seed saving or micro finance career
  • ECHO career opportunities-check this link
3.In what region are the resource center created in future
  • learn more about ECHO center -link
5. Website presented in the presentation

Friday, April 4, 2014

Help! So many assignments due!

This is the time of the semester when I encourage everyone to get organized and get in as many assignments as possible before the rush at the end of the semester.  Any assignment may be turned in EARLY!

If you need help with any assignments please contact me to set up an individual meeting.  I am also happy to proofread and provide comments on any documents you would like to send me via email.  Do not hesitate to ask!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Session #21 Ticket Out Responses

What are you curious about?

1. Can we work together on making our presentation into an efficient logic model?

  • Not clear what are you referring to. Talk to your instructors

2. What do they learn in Program Evaluation graduate courses

What did you learn?

1. The knowledge, skill, and dispositions that we developed and can apply because of this project
2.Importance of Framework
3.What Pedagogy is
4.Output vs outcomes
5.Organize and work together to gain information as a team
6.Smart goals
7. Global Competencies

What do you want to learn more about?

1. What evaluation program are there for PA 4-H program

  • Find more information from  4-H Youth Development Team