Thursday, April 17, 2014

Session #25 Ticket Out Responses

What are you curious about?
1.Other types of innovation that dose not follow Roger's
  • Bring this question to class session #26
2.Where will agriculture development go in China
  • The Role of Agriculture in China Development-Article
3.Our indigenous knowledge topic and what we will find at the library?
  • We will find out -Class session #27

What did you learn?

1. How many different speakers to learn about and that have came into our class

2.Sometimes even the theories/model that we think may explain certain aspect of innovation, etc have faults or certain times they don't work

3.The scale and impact of different agriculture extension programs

4.The ways in which the diversity of programs benefit others as well as ourselves

5.About how modernization effects different countries development

What do you want to learn more about?

1. What are the different type of innovation

  • 10 Type of Innovation (Book) by Larry Keeley, Ryan Pikkel Brain Quinn, Halen Walter 

2. More about Dr. Melanie's thesis research
  • Find out from Dr. Melanie

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