Monday, April 7, 2014

Session #22 Ticket Out Responses

What are you curious about?

1.Would ECHO be interested in partnering with Agripreneurs of Haiti?
2.What is the different between International Ag and International Horticulture?
3.Technologies use at the resource center for seed saving?
  •  More information -check this link

4.How well have small farm resource centers worked in various situations?
  • Stories of different project around the world-ECHO Blog
  • Refer reading assign for session #22-MEAS
5.The diverse environment in India and the variety of crops they can grow
  • Agriculture in India-Check this link
6.Extension program in India
  •  Refer readings assign by guest speaker for session #22

What did you learn?
1. Different approaches to teach in developing nations
2. Farmers use same seeds repetitively
3.Agriculture extension in poor areas
4.The importance of leaders role in getting people to adapt new ideas
5.About India and SFRC model
6.USAID project limitation: Time & Relationship
7.Pro & Cons of the Green Revolution in India
8.The brilliant idea of the resource center
9. The SFRC extension model focuses on the local farmers and teaching through on and off center demonstration and building relationship in the community

What do you want to learn more about?

1.Female farmers and extension program for women farmers in India
  •   Article 1: MEAS Case Study in India-link
  •  Article 2: Improving women farmers' access to extension services- Link
2. How to get involve in seed saving or micro finance career
  • ECHO career opportunities-check this link
3.In what region are the resource center created in future
  • learn more about ECHO center -link
5. Website presented in the presentation

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