Saturday, April 12, 2014

Coming up next week

You'll notice that on the syllabus for next Tuesday (Session 25) it says "Readings TBD".  In ANGEL you'll find that there are links to a video and to a reading that I'd like you to look over for Tuesday's class.

We're going to have a really fun session on next Thursday (Session 26), but be sure to check out the two video links posted to ANGEL.  Hopefully you find these videos fun and inspiring!

Both classes next week will be "tech days" so bring something to plug in to the Media-scape. If you haven't given your global plan presentation, be prepared to do so on either of these days.

Just a heads up, we will meet in the library for Session 27 with our guest speaker, Audrey Maretzki in order to learn more about the indigenous knowledge issues you identified in the last class.

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