Saturday, April 12, 2014

Session #24 Ticket Out Responses

What are you curious about?
1. Dr. Martin Mulder
2. Agriculture Education in Europe
  • This is some web to check about agriculture education in Europe

3.Collaboration of Business and agriculture extension
  • We will bring this to class as lingering question

4. Dr. Martin Mulder works in Indonesia?
  • Improvement of training in Agriculture – Indonesia
5.Indigenous Knowledge in the Netherlands 
  • Session # 26
6.Learning more about Dayak people

What did you learn?
1.Indigenous Knowledge
2. That women in some culture use neck rings to elongate their neck
3.There are Ethiopian Nomads who are facing land-grabbing and water security issues
4.UNESCO-UNEVOC is a specialize center for technical and vocational education and training
5.European agriculture education
6.That youth in agriculture prevalent as I thught
7. Definition of Indigenous knowledge
8.Indigenous knowledge can even be something that people know from living in a certain area (example; where to eat breakfast in state college.

What do you want to learn more?
1. Is the FFA organization active in the Europe?
  • We will bring this to class as lingering question
2. The Netherlands

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