Thursday, February 27, 2014

Session #13 Ticket Out Responses

What are you curious about?

1. How other country do agriculture education?
  • We will have other guest speakers representing other countries in coming sessions 
2.What are the relationship between the two island (peninsular Malaysia and east Malaysia)
  • East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak ) Join Malaysia in 1963. Read more about the history how Malaysia is formed here
3.Environmental program in Malaysia
  • One of the programs is eco-school.
  • Volunteer opportunities in environmental conservation in Malaysia -information
4.What are pacific classes people take during a teacher preparation program
  • It depends on the programs
5.Availability for Malaysian students to explore electives
  • Electives only offered for student age 16-17 in high schools. Most of the electives are vocational courses.  
6. Do you study aboard/ student teaching in Malaysia
  • Teacher students in Malaysia is often send to Indonesia either to volunteer or as part as teacher training experience. 
7. How the technical/vocational colleges compare to the U.S
  • Technical college focuses to prepare student for college (engineering & technology program), Vocational college focuses to prepare student for vocation
8. How often student in Penn State get opportunity to TA?
9.How are GDPs' figure calculated

10.What is the main issues in Ag Education Malaysia?
What did you learn?

1. Malaysia is very interesting multicultural area
2. I learned more about Ag Education in Malaysia
3.The history of Malaysia prior to its independence
4.Higer standard for students in America
5.Our expectation to teach in are ambitious in comparison to what is taught .
6.The Malaysian people, culture and much more
7. How to become a Malaysia teacher
8. The process to become an Ag teacher in Malaysia and how it's different from here
9.What is being taught at different ages in Malaysia education in Ag
10. Bloom's taxonomy
11.General education plan currently in use in Malaysia
12. School system in Malaysia in relation to Agriculture
13.Difference in Malaysia Ag

What do you want to learn more about?

1. Does Malaysia ever use American Ag. Edu as an example for their programs?
  • Yes
2. How work-study programs can be developed in Malaysia?
  • One program using this model and successful in Malaysia TVET is Malaysia Dual Training System
  • In 1999 Malaysia piloted a school to work program involving 500 high school students. However due to several problem it was differed. 
3. Is college in Malaysia no more than 2-3 years?
  • 2-3 year for a Associate Degree
  • 3-4 year for a Bachelor Degree
4. What did Dr. Foster mean about developing a program?
  • We will address this in the next three sessions
5. Nur mom's best friend/neighbor who taps rubber
  • We can chat about in class.
6. If 16-17 year old focus at all on college?
  • Focus both on college and vocation

7. Blooms taxonomy
8. How does religion affect school and how students get along
  • Religious belief and culture had a great impact on the school system in many ways. This is an interesting article to read.