Sunday, February 23, 2014

Session #12 Ticket Out Responses

What are you curious about?

1. Drying food. Is electricity the main reason why they like drying food?
  • Drying food is a way to preserve food especially when people do not have refrigerator. Read more about preserving food here 
2. Is the nutrition led agriculture profitable
  • Read more information on nutrition-led agriculture here
3.Do introduced food and recipes ever spread between close village?
4.Cover crop practice in Africa
5.Crop education in Africa
6.Is there better alternatives to using soy beans or another crop that would be more beneficial in this crop rotation?
7.What do the Ugandans do to soak their soybean
  • Read more about the project here
8.What are the culture barriers to changing the diet of people in Mozambique/Uganda?
9.What  are example of more grassroots or ''home grown'' programs that focus on technical education for female farmers?
What did you learn?

1. Learned about feed the future's goal and combining nutrition and Agriculture
2. Learned that Farmer to Farmer is focusing on female farmers and they are at about 43% female participation
3.Access to technologies can greatly affect access to nutrition
4. The people in Mozambique do not prefer to eat seed
5.About another program for helping out developing countries
6. About integration of nutrition and agriculture
7.I learned more about the opportunities in the farmers to farmers program
8.About the nutrition aspect of agriculture
9.Issues of nutrition/agriculture through teaching how to grow the correct crops
10.Stunting can be cause by lack of calories
11.The important of developing a demand from people rather than just pushing something
12.Farmers to farmers program and nutrition issues in Africa countries
13. Approach of helping people with their problem is better that going with a plan for them

What do you want to learn more about?

1.How to implement more nutrition based agriculture in this country
  • We will bring this question to class as lingering question
2.Other farmers to farmers program success
3.Fortified millet

5.More about farmer to farmer
6.Storage of grain and crop are a problem. What are solutions to this problem, what do they need that would help solve these issues?
  • We will bring this question to class as lingering question
7.Is the food cooking practice still working
8.Where to find more info about this project
  • Read more about the project here
9.Career in feed future/farmers to farmers
  • Check more about career opportunities with USAID here 
10.Are there institution or non-institutional program that focus on education about nutrition and provide access?

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