Thursday, February 6, 2014

Barriers to Accessing Education

What are other barriers to accessing an education, or if you would like to be more specific, accessing an education in agriculture?   

Discuss with your classmates, research online, look at past readings to identify an additional barrier to accessing education or agricultural education.  Select one barrier and be prepared to share the following in class on Tuesday:
  1. What is the barrier?

  2. What are characteristics of the barrier?

  3. Where is the barrier prevalent in the world?

  4. What are suggested strategies for overcoming the barrier?

  5. Cite one resource in APA style that supports your finding.
For your readings for Tuesday you will also be reading a case study of your choice from the MEAS project.  You can get a jump start on Tuesday's class by filling out the worksheet as you read (recommended!).  Use the copy you picked up in class, or find an extra copy in ANGEL.

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