Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Session #11 Ticket Out Responses

What are you curious about?

1.Earth Program?
2.Opportunities with UNICA (i.e teaching English)
3. How we can make FFA & 4h more globally assessable
  • We will bring this questions to class as lingering question
4. Youth development challenges
  • Youth Development: Issues, Challenges and Direction .Read more here
5.What about agriculture and UNICA? Do you think involving agriculture with this project would be successful
  • Although agriculture was not mention in the presentation, the youth development Framework (PHY) can be apply across different field ( including agriculture) 
6. Do other nations typically have year round school?
  • Different country have different systems
7.Are there more universities in Nicaragua?
  •  List of universities in Nicaragua
8.What are the pros and cons of the system ran at Zamarano?
  • Read more about Fulbright here
What did you learn?
1. Zamarano work and class at the same time
2.Dynamic of the youth in Central America/Caribbean
3.Differences in University culture
4.Youth development and comparison of 4H and FFA in other countries
5. International Forms of Education
6.UNICA is an example of a successful '' grassroots'' type program
7.Different youth program and system that are active in developing areas
8.Amazing opportunities over the world
9.How the Zamarano school started
10. Agriculture education in other countries and education in general
11.Another form of agriculture Ag. edu at the university at Zamorano (more focused on hands-on learning)

What do you want to learn more about?
1. Some other ways problem facing youth in Latin America are being address
  • Youth at risk: Read more here
2. Are there any other global agriculture education organizations
  • We will bring this question to class as Lingering question
  • Read more about 4-H here
5.Are there short term opportunities to participate with either of these organization
  • Talk to instructors
6.Hand-on school/education opportunities that are available
  •  We will bring this question to class as Lingering question
7.PHY=Culture+ Society+ Social Capital

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