Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Next Three Classes

The next three classes - sessions 10, 11 and 12 - are all technology optional

In each of these three sessions we will have guest speakers.  These speakers include a representative from AgriCorps, an alumna of Zamorano University, a PSU professor that is heavily involved in researching global youth development programs, and a PSU professor that participated in the Farmer-to-Farmer program. Because these individuals are all unfamiliar with our special room, we don't anticipate that they will ask you to use your technology. 

You'll note that the AgriCorps representative has asked you to read two short articles (links on ANGEL) and to take a look at the organization's website before coming to class.  Our other guest speakers have not assigned any additional readings to date.

The entire instructional team reminds you to be polite and attentive to our guests.  Show them that we value their time and their experiences by staying engaged and asking questions.  Represent Penn State well!


  1. The first article is asking us to login to NYT, do we have to create an account to read the article?

  2. Abbie, you should be able to click past that part. Do you see a way to do that? My computer is letting me right through (and I am not logged in) so I can't see the same thing you're seeing.