Friday, February 14, 2014

Session #10 Ticket Out Responses

What are you curious about?

1. What can be done to lower the average age of farmer?
  • Attract Young People to Food and Agriculture -Link
2. Will I ever ready to be qualified to be an AgriCorps volunteer?
3. Volunteering with Agricorps
4. What if someone from a developing country wants to volunteer in another country?
  • International Volunteer HQ- Link
  • Through local organization
5. What the outcomes of 2014 (Agricorp) volunteer will be?
  • Sign Up to learn and receive information from AgriCorps.
6. If smallholder farmers are the key to reducing hunger and poverty, what are the education need and how can they gain the education they need to be successful?
  •  Scholarly Article: Can the smallholder model deliver poverty reduction and food security for a rapidly growing population in Africa?
7.What is the training process for volunteer (Agri Corps)
  • Sign Up to learn and receive information from AgriCorps.
8. Did volunteers have a problem with post war trauma's with kids?
  • Visit and communicate with AgriCorps community on their Facebook
9. Any info session on Agri Corps
  • Sign Up to learn and receive information from AgriCorps.
10. What are specific activities Agri Corps volunteers participate in?
  • Initiated the process to start a public school
  • Started two 4-H clubs
  • Elected club officers (both clubs elected female presidents)
  • Held a Club Officer Leadership Training (COLT) Camp to teach leadership skills
  • Constructed two school gardens from scratch, including site selection, mulching, bed construction and transplanting.
  • Conducted a business planning session for the national management team of 4-H Liberia
  • Troubleshot miscommunications between the Ministry of Education and the United Nations World Food Program, and
  • Printed Agricultural Education Curriculum and distributed it to 90 schools.
11.Opportunities like Agri Cops in other Countries
What did you learn about?
1.How to provide nations with the abilities to grow their own communities.
2.The success story of Agri Corps
3.Agri Corps and how we can help
4.Agri Corps mission and vision in Liberia
5. About the Agri Corps and how they get where there are
6.Agri Corps is trying to be searchers and and focus on home grown solution
7. AN example of the three circle model can be applied in other atmosphere
8. About Agri Corps
9. ''We give no money, we give resources''
10.Liberia history facts. Background on Agri Corps
11. the dangers of foreign aid is the lack of feedback from the community
12. Corruption is institutionalize by the continuous supply of wrong doing

What do you want to learn more about?

1. What resources/support do volunteer receive for example with lesson plan development training?
  • Sign Up to learn and receive information from AgriCorps or communicate with AgriCorps community on their Facebook
2.How can 4-H here help 4-H in other countries
  • We will bring this question class as lingering question
3.What cultural barriers they (Agricorp volunteers) faces in implementing education strategies?
4. What other areas are organizations looking to expand on solving the issues of hunger
6. Three circle Model

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