Saturday, January 18, 2014

Session # 2 Welcome - Ticket Out Responses

 Ticket out responses

What are you curious about?
1. Agriculture Student Digital Pen Pal?
The instructor will connect you with a post-secondary student studying agriculture in a developing country. We will have future discussion about this session as the class progresses.  

2. How could agriculture be a part in combating the issues from the film?
You have the similar question this course is trying to answer. Good question .We can think about it together. 

3. How everyone involved is doing now: what the kids are up?
            You might find some interesting update here
              https:/  /

4. How student learn in developing countries?
International students at Penn State came from 141 countries and I bet most of them are from developing countries. Find new friends and learn from them. You can visit  and find about more about the Global PSU.

5. About similar foundation and how we can help different foundation?
There is a lot of foundation out there you can find and one of them is UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund).  They are in over 190 countries around the world we are doing whatever it takes to reach the world's most vulnerable children. They are saving lives, protecting childhoods and getting children to school. Check here in [How You Can Help]

6. How far has the Hilde Backed Foundation Grown?
You can visit this page and see how they grown

7. About this course?
These course expectations can be learned from the course syllabus  

8. History of Ethnic conflict?
This might be a good book to look at, Ethnic Conflicts and the Nation-State (Author: Rodolfo Stavenhagen)

 What did you learn?
1. Public education is still very similar across continent
2. Change how I think of things
3. Open my mind to other culture
4. The impact of a small action a single person can do
5. Programs in the different countries
6. How we can help in our area
7. How intense the education system is in the Africa
8.  About the education system in Kenya
9.  KPCE result were reported through text message
10.The generosity of others really makes a big impact
11. How different educational access and value in other countries
12. Politics/political interest has a huge effect on students and their ability to perform
13. The need for education  changes in developing countries

What do you want to learn more about?
1. Agriculture Specific education for these kids / Agriculture programs/K-12 sciences program to improve education in developing countries?
 Learn more and ask question when you have chance to meet our guest speakers. They are individuals  with experiences and knowledge in global agricultural education

2. How to properly communicate with international student/people/ leaders
       (Tony Robbins)


  1. Great job Nur on pulling together these resources! I encourage the class to think deeply about the topics upcoming. I hope you enjoy the reading!

  2. I noticed that someone asked about the agriculture digital student penpals. These are the types of questions that we want to make sure that you bring with you to class tomorrow! After reading through the syllabus, what questions do you have about the course, class sessions and assignments? Also, make sure to check out the conversation on Twitter!