Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Session #5 Education as Innovation Ticket Out Responses

What are you curios about?
1. What the guest speaker is going to talk about
  •  Refer reading #6
2. Can we look at twitter posts if we do not have a twitter
  •  Twitter post is display at our course blog  
3. How can we reserve the youth trend back into Ag related areas/make the agriculture industry more appealing to young people
  • We will reserve this question as our Lingering Questions
4. If liberalizing term of trade can do a lot to improve situations (like in China and India) why it is not done more often?
  • We will reserve this question as our Lingering Questions
5. Is interest in agriculture increasing in developing countries?
7.What is the WTO's role in the trade and helping developing countries?
8.Who I'm going to get as my pen pal & if we could discuss thing more from an ag. standpoint, how we can communicate with our student pen pal?
  • Those who choose to have Ag student pen pal, you will connected to students in Malaysia who is in a teacher preparation program and taking Ag courses as part of their requirement. However you only will be able to get their information and exchanging emails a week after February 10. Discussion about Ag is definitely encourage.
9. Learn more about Engel's law
  • Distinguish Professor Lecture:  Engel's law  by Rulon D. Pope [ Youtube]
10.What is the direct connection between labor wages and land-to-labor ratio
  •  Revisit reading #2
11. What is the speaker do to actually develop her work?
  •  More about our speaker [LINK]
 What did you learn?

1. Land to labor ratio
2. Agriculture makes a difference
3.Engel's law
4.Land to labor ratio can be interpreted differently based on perception
5.The importance of money and education in relation to food
6. Land and labor ratio is very simple but complicated concept
7.Implication of land to labor ratio
8.Interconnection of agriculture in rural communities
9.The development of agriculture is incredibly complex and relates to so many aspect of society
10. There is an online volunteering opportunity through the UN
11.Land to labor ratio in developing countries is low

What are you want to learn more about?

1. Trend among youth in area that were not covered in class
  • This might be a good questions for our guest speakers 
2. More information about the organizations and people that were involve in the #AskAg
  • Talk to your instructors
4. Ways is which people are currently trying to encourage the idea of sustainable agriculture around the world
  • We will reserve this question as our Lingering Questions
5. The economic of breaking though poverty
  • Refer to reading #2
6. What is social entrepreneur is?
  • Will be answer in our next class session

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  1. If you missed the #AskAg chat, it is still possible to look through all the tweets from the chat by searching for #AskAg. If you are interested in knowing more about the topic - volunteering in international agriculture development - I encourage you to look through the chat and identify key organizations and individuals. Look up the websites of the organizations, and feel free to contact key individuals with your follow-up questions.

    Also, your classmates Akeem, Laura and Saundra participated in the chat and might be able to give you some insight.