Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Session # 3 Education as Innovation Ticket Out Responses

**Note: due to many "Ticket Out" responses focused on "Three Cups of Tea" and "Diffusion of Innovations" there will be separate blog entries addressing those topics.

What are you curious about?

1. The journal entries?
  •  The journal entries are for you to write about your thoughts and feelings regarding the class and course readings. You will keep your journal for yourself and only turn it in when journal checks are noted in the syllabus.

2.  Official definition of diffusion  of innovation
  • Refer to reading # 9
3. Who I will become pen pals with and how difficult it will be to make a podcast?
  • It could be a peace corps volunteer or an agriculture student in a developing country.  We will connect you with a pen pal, if you choose one of these assignments for your "Pick One".
  • This is  a video [LINK] for how to create a podcast.

4. Listening to ''This I Believe''
  • You can listen to some example of this is believe podcast here [LINK] 

5. How many people go out and try still try to introduce new things? Is there a certain program
  • There are a lot of great individuals or organizations who goes out helping  and making other people's lives better. During the course of the semester we will be taking a look at many different types of organizations focused on agricultural education as a vehicle for diffusing new innovations.  Many of the guest speakers in this course represent or have participated in these programs.
6. Do we need to force changes in places that we perceive to be under-developed?
  •  This is a debate when considering the idea of "development".  What does "developed" mean?  Does it mean that countries will be regarded as "undeveloped" until they look like the so-called "developed" countries?  Or is there a new pathway forward?  This is a broader debate that you can explore by taking more classes on this topic.  We'll take a look at this issue regarding agricultural education in this class.

What did you learn?

1. The innovation is all about perception

2. Not all innovation are as highly valued in some cultures as we may expect

4. Education can tie into the diffusion of innovation because it id both affected by it and is a form of diffusion


6. Innovation depends on perspective

7. How to present ideas in our new classroom

8. Roger's Diffusion of innovation chart

9. The diffusion model

10. Innovation and Diffusion

11.The World is a Challenging Place

What do you want to learn more about?

1. How to conduct a case study
  • You can talk more about this with your instructors.
2. How the model connects with everything that we find innovative in today's world
  • I encourage you to continue reading Rogers' Diffusion of Innovations available at PSU [LIBRARY].  Each element of diffusion is discussed in detail, along with many examples.
3. Interested in reading more of the story
  • Three Cups of Tea book is available at PSU [LIBRARY]
4.   The solid definition of diffusion
  • Refer to reading #9
5. Who the peace corp volunteers are
  • Learn more about the volunteers here [LINK]
6. Factor behind accepting agriculture innovation/ ideas in developing countries
  • In general- Relative advantage, Compatibility, Complexity, Trialability, and Observability. Refer to reading #9
7. The DIY project oppurtunity
  • Talk to the instructors
8. The Mortenson story 
  • Find more story about Mortenson story here [LINK]

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