Wednesday, February 4, 2015

More information - Pacayitas

Rachel asked Paige about how to find Pacayitas and the butterfly farm on Google maps.  Here's her response:

Often Pacayitas doesn’t show up on the map.  If you type the neighboring town, Mollejones, Costa Rica into google maps and zoom in, you can find Pacayitas in the lower left (just a bit southwest from Mollejones).  You can actually see the butterfly farm on the map, at the bottom edge of town, by a bus stop.  It is called Finca Vialig.  Here's the link:

In response to a question asking Paige to clarify local agricultural activities, here's how she responded:

The main product is sugar cane.  There is also some coffee production, but pretty minimal.  Most families have gardens or plants such as bananas, guava, berries, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, etc in their yards.  There are several dairies outside of town, and they have a cheese factory in the town. 

Don't hesitate to ask additional questions!

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