Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Social Barriers - from the Thunderbirds

◦Subject (Math/Science)

◦Skillset based on gender alone

◦Family Backgrounds

◦Value of Education

◦Cultural Norms

◦Programs/ lack of programs

◦Programs put in place to exclude women

◦Social Tension

◦Low social status of women and traditional image of the role of women in society

◦ Negative perception of the education of girls and women

◦Girl’s education seen as incompatible with religious or traditional principles

◦Early marriage and pregnancy

◦Over-importance given to dowry

◦Low educational level of parents

◦Difficulty for educated girls to get married


Value of education scholarship...
Archer, L., Hutchings, M., Ross, A., Leathwood, C., Gilchrist, R., & Phillips, D. (2003). Higher Education and Social Class. RoutledgeFalmer. Retrieved February 1, 2015, from barriers in education&ots=KYqVoecVzb&sig=__oXxKHRT3NtxQPTO-kXF9gz6h4#v=onepage&q=social barriers in education&f=false

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